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PostSubject: YOOOOOO YOOOO ---->   Tue Feb 03, 2009 9:53 pm

Im very bored today and i know im not in Darkage but im still a darkage member in heart <3
Well i decided to talk to you about me since im very boreddd.
Well im a dude, im half white, half spanish (spain) i can speak 3 languages, english,spanish,chinese. Yes i can speak chinese but not perfectly. im lvl 67 atm and decide to be that level forever because i dont wanna quest -_-. O yea ok im 16 now, my birthday was like yesterday, Feb 2. I need to fucking drive. ok ok i skate and play football. My favorite music is powermetal. Favorite bands are Stratovarius,Sonata Arctica,Galneryus,Ayeron,Metallica,30h!3,Sum41,Symphony X. AND MORe
u should really check these bands out here are some links, im just showing u guys new music u may like





I really really recommond for you to listen to these bands. These guys diserve props for their talents. o yea i <3 mew and lord. o yea im zack btw lol
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